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Hey guys! I'm Jen from HTK Vlogs! I am a wife & SAHM of 3 kids; Hayden(12), Tara(11) & Kayley(9). We're a family of 5 from Ohio (GO BUCKEYES!!), daily vlogging our life & putting it on the internet to share with the world (or more acurately.. 100+ people)!! I do most of the filming & all of the editing & am LOVING every minute of it!

It's a long journey to get anywhere in the YT world, but our goals are set high & we are SO proud of our videos that we keep on keeping on with the belief that one day we really will reach many, MANY more people!

If you like cute families, funny antics & vlogs in general, you will LOVE us! We've gotten nothing but positive feedback, so come on over & join the fam!!

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