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Here at Noob Tube we believe in giving you the best opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

For 99% of NEW YouTubers the process of getting their videos in front of the right audience who will not only enjoy it, but subscribe to it, is a huge challenge. With literally thousands or channels all fighting for YOUR audiences attention how do you get spotted? It's the single biggest difficulty facing a NEW YouTuber.

Despite what others may have told you, there is NO 'Get Seen Quick' method without producing a viral video or throwing heaps of money at it. Even if you do manage one of these, it still won't guarantee you success. 

The vast majority of successful YouTubers made it to the top by working hard and networking their arses off! It's as simple as that. 

The best way of doing this is to belong to a community of likeminded individuals who will watch your work, comment on it, like it and subscribe to it just like here on Noob Tube. The next best way is to advertise, but that can come at a considerable cost especially if you don't know what your doing. Throwing money at Google Ads without a PhD in Google Adwords & Adsense is like throwing money down a toilet, trust me I know because I have both degrees. 

Ask yourself this question:

Can you think of a better place to advertise than in front of your target audience, at a fraction of the cost of Google Ads? Didn't think so.

For those of you who wish to advertise here on Noob Tube we have 3 options for you. For those of you who do not wish to advertise here on Noob Tube that's fine too. Good luck in your YouTube quest and we are here to help you in any way we can.


Each of the four video sharing pages is split between 'Recently Shared Videos' & 'Featured Videos'. Videos closer to the top of the page get more views it's a fact and works a little bit like newspaper advertising. People are more inclined to view the right hand page of a newspaper because when turning over it's the first thing you see hence advertising on the right hand page is always more expensive than the left. It's the same premise when loading a web page only the top of the page is the most lucrative real estate. For a small fee you can feature one of your videos in the 'Featured Video' section towards the top of the page. For more information please click HERE.


Each one of the four video pages has a 'Featured Channels' section right at the very top of the page showcasing a users YouTube username and a direct link to their channel. Having your YouTube name & channel in this section is a powerful tool to help drive traffic towards your YouTube channel. For a small fee you can feature your YouTube channel at the very top of the page, right in front of your target audience. For more information please click HERE.


On each of the video sharing pages has a number of advertising placeholders just waiting for you to fill. For a small fee you can acquire one of those spots and advertise to your target audience with a custom advert, designed by you. This gives you complete freedom to advertise whatever you want. Maybe your posting schedule is the most important thing about your channel or maybe it's your logo that really stands out. Whatever it is that makes your face, logo, schedule or text clickable you can incorporate it on your design. Here are a few examples of recent Banner Adverts. For more information please click HERE.

[Image: yMEY8hq.jpg]

*Please note that Noob Tube proudly supports Featured Content Caps. For more information please click HERE.

Which ever choice you make your money will go towards helping keep Noob Tube operational.

Thank You for advertising with us here at Noob Tube.


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