The Noob Tube Time Machine
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Limp Lieutenant
Limp Lieutenant
YouTube Channel Name: IlAcidlI
First Upload Date: July 2015
Total Videos: 29
Total Views: 2,105
Total Subscribers: 32
Your Most Viewed Video: Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha -  Assault Gameplay 
Views For That Video: 1,053
Personal Favourite Video:Battlefield 1 Alpha Highlights Glitches Funny Moments
Views For That Video: 18
Why I like it: I love how I edited it and the music I chose

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Composed Commander
Composed Commander
I actually keep really good records of my channel analytics, so this is just something extra. 

YouTube Channel Name: Freak Shack
First Upload Date: January 3, 2015
Total Videos: 36 (Public)
Total Views: 2020
Total Subscribers: 57
Your Most Viewed Video: UFC 202: Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz Commentary
Views For That Video: 191
Personal Favorite Video: Hiking to Comet Falls | Mount Rainier | HD
Views For That Video: 81
Why I like it: It was the first video where I actually tried to be cinematic with my b-roll and try to make something that wasn't exactly a vlog, timelapse, or a cat video
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Crappy Cadet
Crappy Cadet
YouTube Channel Name: Instant Replay Live
First Upload Date: April 8th, 2015
Total Videos: 763
Total Views: 86,571
Total Subscribers: 783
Your Most Viewed Video: "IRL - Instant Minecraft Live - How to Train Your Polar Bear [Patch 1.10]"
Views For That Video: 11,586
Personal Favourite Video: "IRL - D&D 5th Edition Tabletop Simulator Ep1 - Friends in Low Places"
Views For That Video: 11,340
Why I like it: The D&D video is the hardest thing I've worked on and to see it pay off so well in the community was huge for us, our viewers have shown huge appreciation and they want more, definitively.  It's humbling, it is a rewarding project to work on with friends, and it's a "success" in at least some way.  I am quite pleased.
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Limp Lieutenant
Limp Lieutenant
31st August 2016
YouTube Channel Name: Draw Curiosity
First Upload Date: 5th May 2016
Total Videos: 8
Total Views: ~7,900
Total Subscribers: 370
Your Most Viewed Video: The Extraordinary Secret of Cephalopod Vision
Views For That Video: 1,987
Personal Favourite Video: {one that is releasing next week as a guest video on another YouTube channel...} On my channel - usually it is always my latest video, "Why Browns Do Better Than Smiths"
Views For That Video: 307  (realtime claims it to be 410 - uploaded yesterday so it's hard to say)
Why I like it: I feel I've improved on a lot of production points - longer & more solid takes, trying out different animation styles, good colour grading, filmed outside, good audio, good use of my camera lens etc.
8th September 2016 {a lot changed since the 5th}
First Upload Date: 5th May 2016
Total Videos: 9
Total Views: ~42,199
Total Subscribers: 8783
Your Most Viewed Video: What Is Randomness
Views For That Video: 12,637
Personal Favourite Video: "Why Bumblebees Squirt (and how it controls their life)" + the Tom Scott video
Views For That Video: 3,726
Why I like it: Smooth production, animation and got to use lots of cool bumblebee footage I'd been saving up. :)
25th February 2017
First Upload Date: 5th May 2016
Total Videos: 23
Total Views: ~180,000
Total Subscribers: 15,712
Your Most Viewed Video: What Is Randomness
Views For That Video: 17,856
Personal Favourite Video: "Why Did Two Sexes Evolve?"
Views For That Video: 6613
Why I like it: Some of the most challenging animations I've made are in there, plus it was a topic I'd been wanting to cover for a while. Part of an evolution collaboration. Plus I like my hair in it :p

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Crappy Cadet
Crappy Cadet
YouTube Channel Name: Adam Cooper
First Upload Date: (oldest surviving) 26 Feb 2008
Total Videos: 37
Total Views: 3,025
Total Subscribers: 122
Your Most Viewed Video: Top 10 Essentials to Survive your First LARP | Adam Cooper
Views For That Video: 458
Personal Favourite Video: Breathing the Same Air (unlisted)
Views For That Video: 360
Why I like it: It was the first film I created at University - A Documentary looking at the smoking ban and the effects on social interaction (2008)
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Composed Commander
Composed Commander
YouTube Channel Name: This is Ryder
First Upload Date:  Feb 23, 2013(1338 days ago)
Total Videos: 825
Total Views:  90,526 views
Total Subscribers: 688 subscribers
Your Most Viewed Video: This is a welcome message from Ryder
Views For That Video: 9723
Personal Favourite Video: Ryder joined the Dark Side!! ?They had cookies!
Views For That Video: 60
Why I like it: It is my son and all the Star Wars people!
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Composed Commander
Composed Commander
It's been nearly 6 months now since I did my first time machine post. Here's the update and a little reflection.

YouTube Channel Name: Diginyxx
First Upload Date: 27th February 2016
Total Videos: 118
Total Views: 7,310
Total Subscribers: 147
Your Most Viewed Video: LARPtasia #6: Age of Aether Event 2 | The Outtakes
Views For That Video: 791
Personal Favourite Video: LARPtasia #6 - Age of Aether Event 2 | From Prussia with Love | UK Steampunk LARP
Views For That Video: 157
Why I like it: It was the first video I did with my new green screen, camera and lighting rig. I'm really proud of the way it came out.

I'd say that's pretty awesome going. I would have liked to have ended 2016 with 150 subs. I almost thought I'd done it, but my subs has been wavering for the past three weeks, where I'll gain 2 or 3 at once and gradually lose them again (slightly frustrating). Views for my videos are averaging around 20s, which isn't a lot but I'm just happy to have them in double figures! Goals for 2017 include hitting 10,000 views and 200 subs. Wish me luck! I'll check in with the time machine again in 6 months.

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