What is Noob Fame?
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Capable Captain
Capable Captain
Noob Fame is a system we use here on Noob Tube to award you with sharing great content. 

After you've finished uploading your shiny new video to one of our four pages other users will have a chance to watch it, comment on it and vote on it's quality. 

When awarding Noob Fame just click the button and choose a positive or negative amount of points that reflect the quality of the video. Those points will go towards or be subtracted from the user that shared the video. 

• Noob Fame can be awarded or subtracted by up to +5 or -5 per video.
• When subtracting Noob Fame the user must be constructive in their reasons why.
• You can award up to +50 Noob Fame per day.
• You can subtract up to -10 Noob Fame per day. 

When issuing Noob Fame use the follow guide to help you.

+5 = Incredible, Outstanding Video.
+4 = Excellent Video.
+3 = Very Good Video.
+2 = Good Video.
+1 = Worth Watching. 

+0 = Average Video.

-1 = Weak in Parts.
-2 = Weak Overall.
-3 = Not Good.
-4 = Bad Video.
-5 = Terrible in Every Way.

We are aware the the subtraction of Noob Fame can be open to abuse. If you feel scorned or picked on please first take a good hard objective look at your video. If you still feel like someone has abused the system PM me and I'll look into it. 

I will be awarding SPECIAL BADGES to the TOP of the NOOB FAME list at the end of 2016.


The Founding Father  

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Composed Commander
Composed Commander
Ahhh ... so that's how Noob Fame works! Excellent ... I shall begin throwing stars around famously (but responsibly!)

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