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Day two in Amsterdam - KieranInnocent - 02-21-2017

Join us on the second day of our trip to Amsterdam!

RE: Day two in Amsterdam - OurGeekyFamBam - 02-26-2017

Bit of an odd intro looking at the buildings, the video got really good once you said "This is Amsterdam part 2. I would suggest a muzzle over your mic to reduce the wind noise when you have talking segments outside, its not very friendly to headphone users lol.

RE: Day two in Amsterdam - magnamious - 06-26-2017

Super cool video! Love the filming style and music. I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam. Tell me you went and saw the legendary TFIOS bench?

RE: Day two in Amsterdam - chichi - 01-13-2018

Amsterdam looks so nice! I love the way you edited the video? What kind of camera did you use?