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  Types of sarees/saris from across India (Part - 2)
Posted by: raman2109 - 49 minutes ago - Forum: Entertainment - No Replies

India is one of the richest country when it comes to cultures and traditions. Be it our festivals, foods, rituals, attire or anything of that kind; these all binds us together. But even in attire it is the love for saree that binds us all. It is not just cloth to be draped around your waist, it is much more than that. The nine-yard beauty is something all women hold close to their heart. Here are all the different kinds of sarees you can get from across India. Here I present you the 2nd part of the ongoing series.

  Animation Rigging showreel
Posted by: raman2109 - 50 minutes ago - Forum: Entertainment - Replies (1)

Nice video. But some narration about the video or a music would have made the video even better.

  Animals gone crazy
Posted by: raman2109 - 53 minutes ago - Forum: Comedy - Replies (10)

(Yesterday, 07:20 AM)Kevohl Wrote: I liked the commentary on some of the clips and I got a couple of smiled on this vid. However, I would recommend balancing the time spent on some clips. Like the animal running was a bit too long I was losing a little interest. Overall, decent video.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Will sure keep them in my mind for next videos. Keep watching.

  Real life objects with cartoon faces
Posted by: raman2109 - 56 minutes ago - Forum: Entertainment - Replies (3)

(01-16-2018, 04:30 AM)nibelung03 Wrote: Gets me everytime I watch xD it's only my opinion, but I guess the background music could be better to help the funny video more. It's kind of a dull for me.

Thanks for the feedback friend. I will keep your suggestions in mind for my next videos.

(01-15-2018, 03:08 AM)Phillyphil Wrote: I actually got a good lil laugh out of this, as did my kids who watch alot of videos with me, maybe a few voices in with the "faces" as things happen but overall was a pleasant kid friendly view, thanks

Thanks for your reply friend. All my videos are kids friendly. You can watch all my videos with your kids and family members. Thank f0r stopping by.

  [P3D v4.1] Dubai (OMDB) ✈ Mumbai (VABB) | PMDG 737-800 | Jet Airways JAI537
Posted by: MrYorkiesWorld - Yesterday, 11:25 AM - Forum: Gaming - No Replies

Hi guys,

So we jump back into the cockpit today of the PMDG 737-800 WL. This time, our flight takes us from Dubai (OMDB) to Mumbai (VABB), taking almost 3 and a half hours, but we finally got there in the end!

The Jet Airways skin can be downloaded from the AVSIM Libraries, and I have to say first hand that I love the way it looks and the way it’s been designed. It goes well against the beautiful scenery on takeoff and landing during this flight – all brought together by a lovely evening sunset as we came through our approach into Mumbai.

Thanks for watching!

Posted by: MrYorkiesWorld - Yesterday, 11:24 AM - Forum: Gaming - Replies (2)

Personally I don't play FIFA, but I seem to have developed a liking for watching others play it which is strange!

Nevertheless, your voice is great - what microphone do you use? A lot of YouTubers tend to have poor quality mics or audio editing skills but you seem to know what you're doing, and you definitely do it well!


  Art Therapy, More Like FART THERAPY | Portal 2 Co-Op Part 21
Posted by: MrYorkiesWorld - Yesterday, 11:22 AM - Forum: Gaming - Replies (2)

The only thing I'd say about this is your friend may need to get a better microphone or improve their audio somehow, but apart from that your video quality is really nice actually, what resolution is this?

As always I appear to have come across a game I have never heard of  before, but it certainly looks interesting.

Keep up the great work and good luck with your channel mate!


  Door Surfing in Breath of the Wild
Posted by: MrYorkiesWorld - Yesterday, 11:19 AM - Forum: Gaming - Replies (4)

I love your enthusiasm! I can't say this game is something I've ever played, in fact I haven't actually heard of it before, but it looks great!

Aside from that, again, your enthusiasm is great and I like the comedy you add to your commentary. Your voice is clear and sounds crisp on the mic, and the overall video and audio quality of the video is great too - keep it up!


Posted by: samowo - Yesterday, 10:46 AM - Forum: Entertainment - No Replies



Hey guys welcome to my channel on this channel I am going to be playing roblox games and reacting to videos.

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  American Coffee- History of Coffee in America
Posted by: samowo - Yesterday, 10:45 AM - Forum: Entertainment - Replies (13)

USA! Dream country foods tasty and people are so nice

  RAPPER DAD | Divide & Conquer (By Motif)
Posted by: samowo - Yesterday, 10:44 AM - Forum: Entertainment - Replies (43)

Amazing rap you rock dad!!! Keep doing your thing

Posted by: samowo - Yesterday, 10:43 AM - Forum: Entertainment - Replies (28)

It’s good to think outside the box

  What is your favorite game?
Posted by: Kevohl - Yesterday, 07:56 AM - Forum: Noob Tube Gaming Forum - Replies (16)

The game that got me into gaming was for sure Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I played it on the 64 with my dad when i was growing up. Then Majors Mask. Then the game that really got me into the Playstation was Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 12.

  Where is everyone?
Posted by: Kevohl - Yesterday, 07:50 AM - Forum: Public Hanging Forum - Replies (3)

As a brand new member, I am really sad to see how dead this comunity is. I really hope to see it come back!

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