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Noob Tube Rules

Here at Noob Tube we understand people will do almost anything for more views on their YouTube channel. For that reason we have a simple and defined set of rules. If you break them you will be issued one of two cards.

  • Failing to follow the Noob Tube Rules may result in a Yellow Card - Warning.
  • Failing to follow the Noob Tube Rules a second time may result in a Red Card - Account Termination.
  1. No asking for your YouTube channel or videos to be viewed outside of the Constructive Feedback Needed Forum.
  2. No asking another user for Sub4Sub anywhere on this website. It doesn't work and it won't help you.
  3. Do not post links to your YouTube channel or videos in this forum. Please use the video sharing pages provided.
  4. Do not use misleading thread titles to try and fool people into reading your thread. No click bait.
  5. Do no try to cheat the 'Pay it Forward' 3 comment rule in anyway. It is the Bedrock of Noob Tube and must be adheared to at all times.
  6. Do not use ALL CAPS/BOLD in your thread titles or comments to try and gain attention.
  7. Do not try to micro-mod the forum. If you have something to report please use the red button provided.
  8. Do not spam the video sharing pages with your previously uploaded videos. Video posting limits can be found here.
  9. All positive and neagitive comments made on the videos sharing pages must be constructive in nature.
Noob News, Announcements & Help
Welcome to the Noob Network. Here you can ask questions and get answers and stuff. Wow!
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Noob Blog
Everything you need to know about the Noob Blog.
50 60
Help Me!
Got a question you need answering by a mod?
22 87
Noob Banners & Featured Content
The art of marketing your YouTube Channel
2 2
Learn Portuguese
03-13-2018, 06:43 PM, milly
Noob Navy Ranks & Post Points
Noob Tube has a totally brilliant Ranking system that shows off your community spirit.
3 3
Noob Badges
Wear them with pride! You love it....stop kidding yourself.
2 2
Noob Fame
What is it? What does it represent? Will it make me as famous as David Beckham?
2 3
Noob Bucks
What are they? Where do I spend them? Can I trade them for real money?
4 7
Noob Awards
Only given to the highest ranking and special Noob Tubers
7 80
Congratulations To HTKVlogs
10-08-2016, 03:59 PM, HTKVlogs

Noob Tube Forums
You will spend most of your time in this category.
Forum Threads Posts Last Post
Welcome To Noob Tube
Who the heck are you anyway? Why not introduce yourself...
Sub Forums:
Welcome Video Gamers,
Welcome Everybody Else
307 926
The Hot Tubs
Let’s take off our clothes and jump into the hot tub together! Literally anything goes in here!
Sub Forums:
Mixed Hot Tub - People Soup,
Women Only Hot Tub,
Men Only Hot Tub
32 235
Scripts, Writing, Video Ideas & Planning
A Video forum to discuss the Idea, Writing & Pre Process.
9 45
Performance, Filming, Editing & Exporting
A Video forum to discuss Performance & Post Process.
12 79
How long do you edit?
02-15-2018, 01:49 AM, scottiefone
YouTube Chit Chat
Let’s talk, moan & even celebrate YouTube together.
15 146
Copyright, Claims & Strikes
Been struck down in your prime by those damn rules?
2 24
More Royalty Free Music
02-18-2017, 03:22 AM, Serialpillock
Do You Need A Pick-Me-Up?
Feeling low? Had a bad reaction to a video? Need some positive energy?
10 69
Public Hanging Forum
Let this forum be a lesson to all aspiring Noob Tubers. Enter at your own risk.
9 44
Download YouTube Videos
02-28-2018, 06:29 AM, vikarudu

Channel Forums
What is your specialised channel subject?
Forum Threads Posts Last Post
Noob Tube Gaming Forum
For people who have no thumbs.
16 76
Noob Tube Comedy Forum
For people who like a good laugh.
7 15
indian funniest video here
03-15-2018, 08:26 AM, RAHUL
Noob Tube Vlogging Forum
For people who film themselves doing stuff.
9 65
Noob Tube Entertainment Forum
For people who like to be the life & sole of the party.
8 27
Noob Tube Family & Fitness Forum
For the families & fitness lovers.
3 18
Noob Tube Science, Technology & Education Forum
For the brainiacs, geeks and nerds.
11 23
Noob Tube Beauty & Makeup Forum
For the beautiful people.
2 8
Male Fashion
10-01-2016, 12:10 PM, EricSBurdon

Special Need Forums
Looks like you're a bit Special! Need something more specific?
Forum Threads Posts Last Post
Constructive Feedback Needed
Can you look at my YouTube content & tell me where I’m going wrong...please?
49 130
Tips & Tricks
I know something you don’t know!
13 49
My Mega Milestone
You've made it! Well done...AMAZING you've got 3 Subs! We're all so proud.
22 120
Want to Collaborate?
I need some friends! Want to collaborate on a project?
7 26
The Noob Tube Time Machine
People love to capture their success & look back at it. Why not tell us about your best bits.
1 17
The Noob Tube Time Machine
01-05-2017, 10:43 PM, diginyxx

V.I.P Forums
Only the finest Noob Tubers get a golden ticket
Forum Threads Posts Last Post
Noob Tube "Not So" Secret Agent Forum
This is a Top Secret Classified Forum for Noob Tubers who have a 00 number.
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