Welcome to the Noob Tube Blog

Welcome to the Noob Tube Blog

Let me take this opportunity to tell you who we are and how we might be able to help you grow your YouTube channel.


The Noob Tube Blog is just one part of noobtube.org, the Internets fasting growing YouTube community resource. We are a small group of YouTubers no different to yourself. After becoming frustrated with the lack of quality feedback we were getting on our videos we decided to do something about it and laid the foundation of noobtube.org. We would spend hours commenting on other peoples videos but receive little feedback on our own. We found the YouTube commenting system attracted people who only wanted to leave a negative comment or at the very best a comment like, “cool, nice work”. We struggled to find any real constructive feedback about our work through YouTube and decided to take matters into our own hands and grow a community from the ground floor that would  give us the kind of feedback we so desperately craved.

“We would spend hours commenting on other peoples videos but receive little feedback on our own.”

There are millions of people trying to make it on YouTube right now. Millions of people all wanting the same thing, views, likes & subscribers. I hate to say it but in our experience the vast majority of those individuals just want to take something without giving. They will gladly spend time begging you for your subscription, if you subscribe to them, before even watching your content or understanding your message. Admittedly a vast number of YouTubers are just kids with little or no real grasp on life let alone the premise of helping others before helping yourself but the problem became big enough for us to want our own corner of the internet to nurture our talents away from that crowd of people…and so began Noob Tube.

Noob Tube is different and here’s how.

1: The doors of Noob Tube are not open to the general public. Anyone can apply but your membership depends on the quality of your current YouTube channel and potential to contribute to the greater community. You don’t need subscribers to take pride in your work and those are the people we are trying to attract.

2: We promote a light hearted atmosphere fuelled by comedy as far too many Forums on the internet are stuffy and outdated. In saying that we do have rules and unlike most forums that give multiple chances to behave, we do not. Everybody gets one chance to behave before finding the doors closed.

3: We have a ‘Pay it Forward’ system where by you have to make an effort to ‘Watch and Comment’ on another users content 3 times before being allowed to post your own. It’s the bedrock of Noob Tube and teaches users to give to the community before expecting to receive. The system has been a huge success and Noob Tubers are finding more and more people watching there content, commenting, liking and subscribing.

4: Sadly Noob Tube can’t operate without the money generated by advertising but we still hate advertising. To combat this problem we decided to turn Google Ads into Noob Tube Ads and let Noob Tubers create their own advertising to help attract even more people to their channels.

At the time of writing this blog Noob Tube is 2 months old and has approximately 150 highly active Noob Tubers. Let me tell you that 150 highly active Noob Tubers feels like 1000 regular forum users due to the power of their activity. They each want people to watch their content but also understand the community they belong to is more powerful than the video they just uploaded and without it they would be just another fish in the YouTube sea.

Noob Tube isn’t trying to be anything other than a completely free YouTube community resource that is crowd funded and filled with quality and talent.

Come and check us out and see for yourself.

The Noob Tube Team


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